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There are over million apps. How do you know you've got the right ones?

You have got two options.

Either you get the apps that everyone is brainwashed to install or you discover the ones that match your unique needs and lifestyle.

Appcurl will help you discover the apps that really matter to you.

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    Intelligent, Unbiased.

    Search multiple app stores. Search the apps used by your friends. Get unbiased results. Rank by relevance or popularity.

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    User-friendly Interface.

    Visual interface to access all the apps. Simple filters to customize. Live stream of apps that reflects latest activity.

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    Easy Navigation.

    Thousands of sub-categories and tags. Apps grouped by similarity. Navigate apps by their function.

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    Go Social.

    Seemless integration with Facebook timeline. Like or Share your apps with your friends. Follow users of same interest and get notified of their new apps.

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