www.appcurl.com is a standalone web application built utilizing the airomo cloud API. Appcurl service and airomo cloud are products of Airomo Inc.

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Airomo cloud infrastructure is designed to manage user's mobile resources. Airomo cloud implements services for app management, content management and location management. Airomo's services and analytics are designed to build mobile lifestyle applications and available as RESTful APIs. Airomo is continuously being updated with more services. The following applications are built with airomo API and are currently live.

www.appcurl.com: World's best mobile app search engine. Appcurl supports apps and games from Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores. Appcurl boasts large number of controls to filter and sort search results, to help users drill down to the exact app they are looking for. Appcurl does not promote apps or games for commercial purposes, appcurl results are 100% unbiased.

www.airomo.com: Airomo.com is a social portal to discover apps and follow users of similar interests. Airomo allows users visually explore and discover apps that are otherwise hard to find. Airomo supports multiple interfaces to suit user's mood and need. Join airomo.com, discover how the world finds apps.

Appcurl Android App: The best app discovery solution on the android market. Supports social search, 1000s of app genres, facebook integration and more.

Appcurl Kindle Fire App: The best app discovery solution for the amazon kindle fire app store. Supports social search, 1000s of app genres, facebook integration and more. Enables users to search both google play as well as Amazon app store.